Last Bell 2021: 9th generation leaves the school

The Last Bell rang for the 49 students of the 9th Ayb generation. Months-long discussions, preparations, agreements and disagreements: all were getting ready for the graduation ceremony, but no one was ready to bid farewell to the school.

We always thought that there is a lot of time ahead, and we never expected that the time to say good-bye will come so soon. The COVID-19 pandemic deprived us of the precious time we could have spent together, attending lessons and enjoying the colorful Ayb life every day. On the other hand, the distance education taught us to appreciate our school and friends. We were preparing for the Last Bell event to complete our school life story and tell it to the others.

Our generation needed a scenario that would tell about everything and everyone, from student psychology to teachers’ jokes, from national dances to our school life episodes. Thanks to well-coordinated work and combined efforts, this idea turned into reality.

It was really hard to find time for rehearsals and shootings amid admission and graduation exams, but neither time pressure nor emotional stress could hold us back from organizing the event and enjoying every moment of it. The Last Bell brought us even closer to each other. Long rehearsals, jokes and warm atmosphere created new memories and became a part of our life.

The Last Bell day saw beautiful and happy students, proud parents and emotional teachers, turning into a colorful event that crowed the 2020-2021 academic year.

I would like to thank the entire staff school for their friendship and support. We are not saying good-bye, because we don’t go away. We just step out to come back again. See you, our dear Ayb family.

Sylvie Gevorgyan, 12th grade


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