Students, alumni and parents tell why you should choose Ayb

“As an applicant, I was delighted by the ingenious, warm and colourful environment with no age or class division. The school was a place where the teachers and the students as well as the other representatives of the Ayb community could communicate offhand.”

“I dare say that I was really surprised by the variety of subjects offered to study and the opportunity to obtain both academic and practical skills is so many fields, including project-based learning, ordinary lessons or career orientation discussions.”

This is what Ayb High School students Mane and Sargis said when asked why young people should choose Ayb and what was the most surprising when they first entered the school.

If you ever wanted to peep into Ayb School windows to understand what makes it different, so the series of “Why Ayb? A View from Inside” events is exactly what you need. These not only raise the curtains but also open the doors for you to see everything and feel the life at Ayb from inside.

Representatives of the whole Ayb community - students, parents, teachers and alumni - act as speakers of the online meetings. They tell about the school and response to numerous “why-s” to make all things clear. Why should you choose Ayb School? How does the school differ from the other educational institutions? What will you get while studying at Ayb? The online meetings provide the complete and accurate answers to these and many other questions regarding the educational process and everyday school life, revealing the details seen from inside.

Hence, if you want to know more about the warm Ayb family and probably join it in the future, please follow this link to see the record.

Lana Melikyan

11th grade


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