Afterdark Yerevan dreams. Photo shooting by Areg Khachatryan

It’s not the street lanterns that make Yerevan shine. It’s the light and heat its people send forth. And it’s the most exciting thing about Yerevan. If you are a ‘day man’, you become a movie goer at night. But if your life is sparkling after the sun goes down, you are the party host. Yerevan is quite different at night. You will feel incredible energy that becomes almost invisible during the day. Night people are different and their heat is different as well. With this photo shooting I wanted to reveal afterdark Yerevan dreams. The pictures and feelings are deeply personal but I am hopeful that I will be able to show you the beauty and energy of this marvelous city.

Author: Areg Khachatryan 12th grade


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