12 Teams = 1 Family

February of 2019 started with an in-school event. On February 1, all community service teams gathered in one place to present their activity to the directorate and other teams.

The event started with Armine Babayan’s speech, who is the coordinator of the community service: “Each of us is careful, hospitable and a helper.”

All the teams presented themselves sequentially.

  1. Technical help team under Karen Arustamyan’s leadership

Function: Solving technical problems, organizing technical preparations for events, making authored projects like online games

  1. Care team under Jenny Tufenkjyan’s leadership

Function: Caring about the school and environment, organizing in-school and out-school events like waste collection and tree planting

  1. Media team under Kristine Kyurklyan’s leadership

Function: Covering school events, photographing and video shooting them, keeping the society informed

  1. Professional Orientation team under Ruzanna Mayilyan’s leadership

Function: Helping students choose their future profession and university, informing how to get scolarships

  1. Cultural team under Mari Adamyan’s and Armine Babayan’s leadership.

Function: Making society recognize the Armenian and Ayb culture by using students’ works

  1. Eco team under Jenny Tufenkjyan’s leadership

Function: Defining savings, abuse of plastic, polyethylene, paper, and other materials in the environment, being consistent in their recycling, encouraging others to save

  1. Host team under Tigran Harutyunyan’s leadership

Function: Presenting the school to guests and applicants properly, organizing open door days and doing urgent tours in the school

  1. Library team under Ani Grigoryan’s leadership

Function: Being devoted to the library, composing writings to add literature to the library, and encouraging others to read

  1. Debate team under Zohrab Gevorgyan’s leadership

Function: Developing debating skills

  1. Help team under Samvel Nersisyan’s leadership

Function: Helping physically in case of emergency incidents by transporting heavy things or making repairs

  1. Sport team under Tigran Harutyunyan’s leadership

Function: Developing sport knowledge, being informed about the history of sport, presenting the school as a team during competitions

  1. Mutual Assistance team under Armine Babayan’s leadership

Function: Helping 3rd to 6th graders do their homework

The aim of community service teams is not accumulation of social service hours but doing something useful for public by taking the responsibility and using knowledge, which also will give us new skills.

Goharik Adamyan (11th grade)

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