Aybapatum: on four fronts at once

In addition to numerous initiatives, Ayb School is implementing Aybapatum project, which aims to establish cooperation with rural schools of Armenia that would provide the students with an opportunity to know each other, as well as exchange knowledge and skills.

From April 6 to 14, Aybapatum project involved 50 students and was enabled in 4 directions simultaneously. Ayb School students and teachers visited the schools of Getashen, Akori, Tsaghkavan and Berkaber communities. They presented their programs and practical experience both in natural sciences and humanities.

It’s noteworthy that the students themselves are responsible for the development and implementation of the projects, thus using the opportunity to share knowledge with their peers.

During a visit to Tsaghkavan village, the students participated in annual strategic games. Ara Havhannisyan and Steve Hakupian were announced the winners.

As far, Aybapatum project was implemented in the schools of Shuhsi, Vank and Karvachar (Artsakh), and Berkaber, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur and Achajur villages of Tavush province of Armenia.

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