"Teaching helps me to stay always active", Armenuhi Seghbosyan, Humans of Ayb

We are restarting the Humans of Ayb project, which reveals our school’s staff, teachers and students. This week's guest is English language teacher Armenuhi Seghbosyan, who shared her childhood dream, motivations and thoughts about the future.

-You are always motivating students, and what motivates you?

-I am being motivated with the results of students, with their progress and practice of using what they have learned.

-What do you appreciate in students most?

-In students I appreciate their sense of positive and good humor.

- How does pedagogue’s job help or impede you in life?

-It helps me to stay always active; I always learn from students. This work doesn’t impede me, but it is a very serious and hard job.

-What do you put in the basis of teaching?

-In the basis of teaching, I put the skill of thinking.

-The 2000s' generation prefers English over Russian. What opinion do you have about this?

-I do not think that there is a problem of preferring. If some of them prefer English, it is because English is more useful for international communication.

-If you had an opportunity to become a school student again, which subjects would you pay more attention to?

-Physics, math and chemistry. I didn’t pay enough attention to these subjects during school years, because I preferred humanities.

-If I am not being mistaken, you know German also. Which will be the next language?

-My next language will be French, because it was a childhood dream to learn French. Besides, French is an important language in international communication.

-Which was the last book you read? If you ever met its author, what would you ask?

- Last time I read “Anna Karenina.” I had read it earlier, but I re-read it recently. If I met its author, I would ask why Anna died at the end?

-Have you had a fantasy childhood dream that you still want to become a reality?

-Yes, but it is not a fantasy. I had a childhood dream to fly a parachute, but till now it remains a dream. I hope that it will become a reality soon.

-What was your first impression from Ayb.

- It was colorful, right, modern and, most importantly, conducive. It was conducive to both education and mood.

-If you had an opportunity to become the head of Ayb School, what would be your first decision?

-The position of a school head is hard and responsible and I cannot answer this question right now.

-What would you change in Ayb’s food menu?

-I would add only juice. The rest is healthy food and it is not necessary to change anything.

-Goals or dreams? Which do you prefer?

-In my case, goals lead to implementation of dreams.

-How do you imagine Ayb in 5, 10, 15 years?

-I imagine Ayb full of students who invest their knowledge and efforts in school development. I imagine new educational programs that will give students opportunity to continue their education in best universities.

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