Last Bell at Ayb: memories and emotions

On May 24, 2019, the Hayastan auditorium of Ayb School hosted the graduation ceremony – Last Bell – of the 7th Ayb generation, who took the stage to present their three high school years.

With light-hearted jokes about their personality, the graduates thanked their teachers and showcased a clip telling about the school years from the classroom to teachers’ lounge. The teaching staff, in turn, answered back with a secret video recording about the students’ preparations for the event.

The cheerful performance ended with blissful emotions and mutual heartfelt thanks, while parents emphasized that they are unalarmed about the future of the children, who enter the adult life with Ayb values.

Nevertheless, 41 graduates neither bid farewell nor said goodbye to school, they just said “see you”. As they like to call themselves, “the brightest Ayb generation,” joined the big Ayb community of alumni, bringing their number to 300.

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