David Sahakyan speaks at “New Time: Effective Education” conference

Yerevan hosted the first ever “New Time: Effective Education” conference, with David Sahakyan, the Executive Director of Ayb School joining the event as a speaker. He presented the Project-Based Learning program, a distinguishing feature of the Araratian Baccalaureate syllabus, adopted for Ayb High School in 2015. Mr. Sahakyan used a presentation to highlight the significance of Project-Based Learning and called PBL clubs a success.

The conference became the first platform in Armenia to bring together directors, educators, teachers and parents of school and preschool students from around 300 educational institutions of Russia and Armenia and promote intergenerational dialogue.

Partners of the conference included Moscow Department of Foreign Economic and International Affairs, Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, Letovo and Ayb Schools, and Tovmasyan Charity Foundation.

Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning enables students to carry out projects in their relevant clubs to address actual community issues.

More details about the Project-Based Learning and the clubs are available here.


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