Aram Pachyan at Ayb School: Transparent Bottles film presentation

As part of our literature project, I and my classmate Hayk Eghikyan, were given a task to analyze “Transparent Bottles” story written by Aram Pachyan, one of the most popular contemporary Armenian authors. We were also required to make a short film. For this purpose, we selected certain extracts from the story and asked our classmate Narek Zoroghyan to read them. My sketches were used for the shots. Besides, we grabbed some home stuff like empty bottles from our basement, a net for keeping onions, boards, etc. To make it complete, we created a poster for the story and film.

At our initiative, the author, Aram Pachyan, was invited to the presentation of the film and the subsequent discussion of the film. It took us several days, to establish contact with him and tell about our work. Pachyan accepted our invitation to make us really happy.

Of course, the presence of the writer put more responsibility on us. I will never forget that day. It’s not often when you are given an opportunity to analyze a story and discuss it with the author.

The event ended with a tour across the school, during which we told about our everyday life and the importance of Ayb for us.

Elen Hayrapetyan, 11th grade


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