Online Aybapatum in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur and Nerkin Tsaghkavan schools

This year’s Aybapatum project has been successfully accomplished. The initiative aimed to establish cooperation with the rural schools and provide Ayb students with the opportunity to become a part of the teaching process, organize various education courses and leisure activities.

Usually, Ayb School students visit different rural communities to deliver education courses that help them acquire new organizational skills, handle the audience, foster love towards learning and act as the ambassadors of education. The topics for the training courses are chosen together with the teachers, with the purpose to apply the knowledge and skills obtained by the students during the academic year.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic hampered on-site implementation of the project and deprived the students of the opportunity to visit the rural schools and stay overnight in the welcoming villages. Instead, the project was implemented online, embracing the community schools of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur and Nerkin Tsaghkavan.

Each pair of students was assigned to one topic. After completion, the training plans were submitted to the teachers for confirmation. The topics were: Armenian language, chemistry, history, thinking skills, business administration, time management, etc. The courses were designed for the students of 7th-11th grades. After presentation of the materials, the teachers selected the students to hold the trainings, while the other project participants oversaw the process to ensure that all training criteria and deadlines are met. Any kind of feedback was welcomed to make the teaching process more efficient.

The online format didn’t trouble either Ayb students or their peers and Aybapatum turned into an exciting experience for both. The students, who got a chance to act as teachers, are inspired to continue this activity.

Mary Grigoryan, 10th grade


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