9th Ayb Games accomplished

Unity is Power. This was the motto of the Ayb Games, the most awaited and perhaps the most loved event of the Ayb community. Traditionally, the Ayb Games occur every year on the occasion of the Feast of the Holy Translators, on the second Sunday of October. This year, again, on October 15, the big Ayb family gathered for the exciting military and sports event designed to spread human warmth, care, and commitment during this challenging period for our nation.

This year’s Ayb Games theme was martial, considering today's reality. The competitions were mostly related to military training, with all earnings going toward building the school's military and sports area.

The program included orienteering and rendering first aid in emergencies, as well as cognitive games and contests based on Armenian and Artsakh culture, traditional military dances, and, of course, various dishes of delicious Armenian cuisine. All this added to the great atmosphere of the event.

The 9th Ayb Games started with a traditional swearing-in ceremony. After the Lord's Prayer performed by the Ayb choir, the new students and staff of the school took their oath, promising to follow the principles of the school and live a creative life. This time, the flag-raising ceremony under the national anthem of the Republic of Armenia was held near the newly built laboratory classroom of the military and sports area, while Ayb School’s executive director, Davit Sahakyan, delivered welcoming remarks, wishing all participants good luck and fair competition. Afterward, the referees vowed to be impartial and declared the Ayb Games open.

Throughout the day, the whole area of the school was filled with smiles and the cheerful spirit of the Ayb community. Competitive and non-competitive games, football and basketball, chess and arm wrestling, and Artsakhkerp are fundamental components of Ayb Games. A tense and fair struggle persisted in all sports: the sounds of football fans could be heard outside the school, while Building B and Building C hosted basketball and table tennis matches, respectively. The Hayastan assembly hall brought together participants of the Artsakhkerp game to test their knowledge of the Artsakh dialect, historical and cultural places, and famous people. Also, students, graduates, teachers, and parents competed in five sports at once: running and pushing, overcoming obstacles, and disassembling and reassembling weapons.

Two essential and informative first aid and emergency response seminars were also held to help participants expand their knowledge. The Art Studio, in turn, presented the My Yerevan exhibition to attract numerous art lovers. The youngest Ayb students also created, painted, and colored the images of the historical and cultural monuments of Armenia. In the end, an awesome Armenian composition was assembled from their pictures. The Armenian Artist Workshop game was organized for those most interested in culture.

Undoubtedly, no one can imagine Ayb Games without the most delicious cuisine. You're right; we're talking about the traditional Ayb food fair that featured Armenian dishes cooked worldwide: ghapama, pahlava, zhengyalov hats, Vayotsdzor kutap, Armenian sweets, and fruits. Harissa was served separately as an annual Ayb dish traditionally blessed and treated to all participants of the Ayb Games. Most of all, Ayb people love harissa, which is the most delicious on this special day.

At the end of the day, Gagik Ginosyan gave a masterclass on the Karno Kochari war dance, and the whole community danced together until the award ceremony began. During the ceremony, the students and graduates who showed the best results in the Ayb Games, as well as the best basketball, football, and Artsakhkerp teams, were awarded. The day was accomplished with traditional Armenian dances when everyone was outside watching the enthusiastic Ayb performance.

We are confident that everyone went home from the event smiling, full of memorable moments, and the joyous expectation of the 10th Ayb Games.

Angela Matevosyan, grade 12


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