Bringing in changes and community influence projects

Seven Ayb School students participated in the training organized by Climate Uturn with the purpose to educate future leaders for the sustainable environment development. The initiative aims to instill the culture of reusing and recycling, and saying no to wasting. Familiarizing with a number of topics like food and plastic waste, green agriculture, etc., the students came up with several ideas that will help make the environment cleaner.

The training was aimed not only at acquisition of theoretical knowledge. Immediately after listening to the theory, the students engaged into a discussion: for example, how to reduce meat consuming, what name a robot serving food to African children would have, how to reuse the waste. To resolve environmental problems, the students gave rein to their imagination and then tried to bring imaginative solutions to reality.

After generating ideas, accumulating theoretical knowledge and conducting thorough research into the issue, the students used all this in order to draw up their own community influence projects. The participants divided into teams and launched two important environmental projects that can serve as a model for similar initiatives in the future.

The first student team undertook to make the Ayb School cafeteria sustainable and ecologically safe. However, they soon understood that the cafeteria already meets these standards. The war that broke out later made the students reconsider their plans and objectives and the team decided to provide the people from Artsakh with food, getting into contact with both food providing institutions and social media activists engaged in relevant activities. As a result, 10 restaurants joined platform and the assistance became more coordinated, thus providing Artsakhians with the essential food products.

Changing their own line of thinking, the students are trying to preserve the gifts of the mother nature. And this is any of us should do.

Mane Ohanyan

Lana Melikyan


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