European Day of Languages։ “Classics sound in their original languages”

On September 26, students celebrated the European Day of Languages in Ayb School. This is an annual event celebrated in the school. This year, the topic was “Classics sound in their original languages.”

Gayane Markosyan, the senior teacher of foreign languages who is also the organizer of the event of the European Day of Languages, said that this event must be celebrated in a special way every year. The main event followed the opening speech.

Poems were recited in Armenian and five European languages that are taught at Ayb School: English, Russian, German, French and Spanish. Students recited poems of Pushkin, Goethe, Heine, Paruyr Sevak and other European poets.

Gayane Markosyan said that they will meet after a year and advised the students to think how they are going to celebrate the next year’s European Day of Languages.


Vahe Dabaghyan

11th grade

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