Tuition Fees and Financial Support

The tuition fee for the 2024-2025 academic year for all new students enrolled in grades 10-12 who did not apply for financial assistance will be AMD 3,300,000, not including the transportation cost. Only students in grades 10-12 are eligible for scholarship offerings.

The maximum tuition fee at Ayb High School can amount to AMD 3,595,800, including transportation from home to school and from school to home.

The tuition fee can be revised by the decision of the school’s Board of Trustees for the next academic year. The tuition fee for the current academic year may change due to legislative changes if additional tax obligations are imposed (for example, VAT taxation).

A special discount will be applied to the tuition fees for the second and third children from the same family studying at Ayb School and the children of the school’s administrative staff. To receive detailed information, please contact the school's financial department.

The tuition fee includes:

  • The main course,
  • Advanced training,
  • Optional courses,
  • Additional classes planned according to the curriculum
  • Olympic clubs,
  • Three meals daily (breakfast, lunch, snack break),
  • Visits and out-of-school classes.

Ayb High School is the first social project in Armenia’s non-governmental sector to adopt a flexible scholarship system to curtail talented children’s dependence on their parents’ financial status and grant all applicants an equal opportunity to get a quality education. Applicants are admitted to Ayb School ONLY on the basis of exam and interview results.

After successfully completing admission procedures and being included in the list of admitted students, the student's parent/guardian may request the Ayb Educational Foundation’s Financial Support Committee to determine an annual tuition fee. The decision to provide financial assistance does not depend on the student’s exam scores or further progress but only on the family's financial needs.

A student's ability to pay does not confer any advantage or act as a barrier to admission. Likewise, students’ low or high performance does not imply an increase or decrease in the amount of tuition fee.

The scholarship fund is formed through the fundraising efforts of the Ayb Educational Foundation, with the money donated by individual and corporate sponsors to provide scholarships for Ayb students.

How decisions on financial assistance are taken

After a student is admitted to Ayb School, the parent/guardian fills out an application form detailing the family's financial situation and submits it to the Ayb Educational Foundation’s Financial Support Committee. The documents certifying the family's actual income, expenses, property and ownership information, and any other data that will help the Financial Support Committee assess the family's paying capacity should also be attached to the application.

To assess the family’s financial status, the Committee considers the following factors:

  • Solvency of parents/guardians. The legal representative is the primary guarantor of the child's right to education. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the legal representative's paying capacity first. Let's estimate it as X.
  • Possibility of receiving financial assistance from close relatives and friends. If, according to the submitted information, the family has or can have financial support from close relatives or friends, the committee considers this fact. Let’s estimate possible support from close relatives/friends as Y.
  • Given the amount X + Y, the Financial Support Committee determines the annual tuition amount (Z), which can vary from AMD 10,000 to the entire tuition fee.:

Attention: If a scholarship recipient provides misleading or incomplete information while filling out this application form and misrepresentation is revealed at any time, this may result in the immediate termination of the student contract, payment of the maximum tuition fee by the legal representative as a penalty, and the immediate expulsion of the student from Ayb High School.

Financial assistance application form, 2023-2024

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