Kangaroo contest celebrates its 10th anniversary

It was a big celebration in Charles Aznavour square on October 28. The Ayb Educational Foundation had gathered all the loyal participants of the annual contest — the students, their parents and teachers from different schools of Armenia — to celebrate the Kangaroo math and logic contest's 10th anniversary.

Sona Koshetsyan, the executive director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, made an opening speech. “Kangaroo aims to make education loved and interesting for children, because the success path is possible through education,” she said.

The crowded event became more active with the help of a quiz, which also involved students of different age groups, who participated with great enthusiasm. To enrich their knowledge, the winners of the quiz were awarded with books.

There can’t be a funny and exciting event without Armenian national dances. Ayb School’s Aybar dance group performed during the event, and all the participants enthusiastically joined them. An open lesson of modern dances was also conducted. The dances and energetic songs ensured the great mood of the guests. The celebration of Kangaroo ended with a lottery, and its winners also got prizes.

The 10th anniversary of our favorite Kangaroo contest will remain as one of the most memorable events for us. Hopefully, Kangaroo will continue its campaign for many years, proving the importance of education and encouraging students for further bigger and smaller victories.

Yeva Seylanyan

12th grade

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