Ayb School teacher among international contest laureates

Kima Vaneskehyan, the teacher of Russian at Ayb School, along with the two other teachers from Armenia has made it to the final of Download Knowledge international contest, the purpose of which is to develop teaching skills using digital skills.

She was also the laureate of this contest last year, and now she acted as an education ambassador from Armenia.

Ayb School teachers actively implement digital technologies in their work and their efficiency was proved during the pandemic, when the remote education plan was launched.

“If you want to be a creative teacher who can grip the students’ attention, you should keep up with the times,” Vaneskehyan said in an interview with Republic of Armenia paper. “When the children come to the elementary school, they already have smartphones. I can now firmly say that the use of digital technologies makes the lessons more interesting and efficient.”

She also told how quickly Ayb School reacted to the situation and went digital, using the Microsoft Teams platform. “The online lessons do prove productive and the children become even more engaged in the learning process than when sitting in an ordinary classroom,” she noted.

26 teachers from 14 countries reached the final of Download Knowledge international contest. The announcement of results and the awarding ceremony will take place in Moscow after the pandemic emergency comes to the end.


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