Levon Budaghyan

Levon Budagyan earned his M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University in 2003.

After graduation, he worked in the field of drug design and bioinformatics at Molsoft LLC, focusing on predictive models for small molecules and proteins.

He then developed machine learning algorithms and software for automatic categorization of financial transactions at Mint.com and Intuit.

In 2010 he co-founded and served as CTO and later CEO at Aarki, an AI-enabled mobile marketing company. Aarki grew to be a major partner for mobile app developers across the globe, generating over $30 million in net revenue with a footprint in more than 15 countries. Aarki was acquired for $150 million by Skillz in 2021.

In 2022 Levon co-founded and became the CEO of Waveye, Inc., a Palo Alto, CA, startup working on next-generation mm-wave radar imaging and perception.

He has architected and implemented high-volume, large-scale machine learning pipelines. This includes aspects of edge and embedded processing, data storage, validation, centralized processing, and deployment across a vast footprint.

His current interests encompass machine learning for signal processing, radar perception, autonomy, and sensor fusion.



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