Project-Based Learning clubs 2020-2021

The following 10 Project-Based Learning clubs operated at Ayb School during the 2020-2021 academic year:

Film Factory club

Mentor: Arusyak Zakharyan

Project name: Tracing Hidden TreasuresProject description: The purpose of the project was to shoot a film telling about the recent Artsakh war, presenting the inviolable trinity of people-culture-church. From their own perspective, the students drew the public attention to the historical and cultural heritage abandoned to uncertainty because of the war.

Expected result: To reveal the historical background of the Artsakh conflict and tell about the cultural heritage of Artsakh and the importance of its preservation; to shoot a 25-minute film with English subtitles, or a short trilogy, with each part lasting 7-8 minutes.


Mentor: Kristine Kyurklyan

Project name: 10/10

Project description: The club implemented a project dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Ayb School. The purpose of the project was to tell about the school history, its activities and achievements and publish a jubilee magazine.

F8 club

Mentor: Areg Balayan

Project name: Open Art

Project Description: The purpose of the project was to discover unknown artists living next to us - musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc., and to create and spread photo stories about them, so that people can see, recognize, and support contemporary art and those who create this art.

Expected result: to cover the life and creative activity of the young and little-known art workers.

Arvestanots club

Mentor: Marie Adamyan

Project name: Art Class

Project description: the purpose of the project was to develop painting and creative skills among middle school students, as well as offer solutions for breaking the stereotypes that cramp the students’ desire to create.

Expected result: To develop an educational art program that can help students discover the world of arts while visiting various cultural centers and museums in Yerevan and the provinces in Armenia.

Mentor: Marie Adamyan

Project name: Draw the Justice

Project description։ The purpose of the project was to draw public attention to urgent issues with the help of sketches and caricatures. In 2020, the students reflected on the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Armenia, thus attempting to counteract false media news and propaganda.

Expected results: To have a collection of drawings and caricatures and later put them on display.

Rockestra club

Mentor: Vahagn Papoyan

Project name: Made in Armenia

Project description։ The purpose of the project was to study the creative path of Armenian musicians and bands and compile an archive of their works.

Expected results: To tell the public about high-quality Armenian music; in cooperation with the Armenian Rock Association, to create an online platform with periodically updated information about Armenian rock music.

TechnoDrive club

Mentor: Alexander Melikyan

Project 1: Cooperation with Media Experts club

The purpose of the project was to help the Media Experts club and create a platform where they could upload their articles.

Expected result: to develop a website that will provide the Media Experts club members a possibility to present their articles and analytical materials to the public.

Project 2: Website about cultural monuments

The purpose of the project was to create an online platform telling about the cultural monuments in Armenia and Artsakh that can also serve as a tourism promotion website in the future.

Expected results: to develop a website containing detailed information about a number of cultural monuments.

Engineering club

Mentor: Vazgen Gabrielyan

Project name: Sartar

Project description: The purpose of the project was to create a device called Sartar, which can connect to GPS satellites to determine the location of individuals or hiking groups, who got into trouble, and send the coordinates to the rescuers via radio waves. Signals can be accepted with the same device (after adjustment).

Urban Planning club

Mentor: Astghik Grigoryan

Project name: Educational Garden

Project description: The purpose of the project was to develop an ‘Educational Garden’ plan for the improvement of the urban environment. Starting with the territory of the school, the club members focused on the ways to strengthen the ties between students and nature to reduce environmental pollution risks in cities. It was supposed to engage both students and teachers in the processes and choose territories for different age groups.

Expected results: to raise awareness about environmental issues, instill a love for nature, initiate practical lessons for a number of school subjects.

Media Experts club

Mentor: Aram Abrahamyan

Project name: Media Literacy

Project description: The purpose of the project was to raise the level of media literacy among the population.

Expected results: to help people surf the Internet securely and not to be deceived or manipulated, to differentiate between reliable and harmful information, The final product of the club was a website, where the materials prepared by the students - articles, videos, animations - on the will be published.

Programming club

Mentors: Nver Abgaryan, Vlad Khoyetsyan

Project name: Bolola

Project description։ The purpose of the project was to create an application that will allow the users to find out which transport they should take to reach from point A to point B, thus making the movement across the city easier.

Expected results: to provide a possibility for the transport companies and the city administration to upload new routes to help Yerevan residents and guests find the transport they need.



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