Project-Based Learning 2021-2022

Filmmaking Club

Tracing Hidden Treasures project

The main goal of the Filmmaking Club was to reveal the pearls of the Armenian culture and make them known. The projects implemented by the club were designed to educate schoolchildren about the Armenian culture and familiarize them with the local traditions and habits. The students used the knowledge obtained during the implementation of the project to shoot films and conduct interviews. This academic year, the main focus was the Armenian national costume and silver elements.

Rockestra Club

Musical Map project

As part of the Rockestra Club, the Battle of Evermore band implemented the Musical Map project. The purpose of the project was to learn more about the music composed and played in various corners of the world and present it to the audience. At the end of the academic year, the club members performed a concert at Tumanyan Puppet Theater.

Art Studio/ Arvestanots Club

The Art Studio Club members were engaged in CinemArt project with the purpose to raise public awareness about contemporary auteur films by means of creating non-standard posters. Before finalizing the color palette and getting the complete version of the posters, the club members carried out a great deal of work that also included individual meetings with the filmmakers who presented the stories behind their films.

Engineering club

As part of the Engineering Club, Ad Astra team joined the Kemurdzhian Youth Space Challenge 2022 to win the competition with their space-going device.  The device with a 197gm payload will be placed on a suborbital rocket and sent to the height of over 100km in open space to cross the Karman Line, a presumed boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space. The device is supposed to stay in space for 2-3 minutes. It will collect data on the rocket’s flight path, temperature, pressure change, speed, acceleration, and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and ozone concentration.

Programming Club

Volunteer Service Management System project

The club members created a platform that will allow volunteers to find NGOs offering work that fits their preferences, qualifications, and timetable. At the same time, the organizations can follow the activity of the volunteers they’re cooperating with. Thus, the students provided the volunteers and NGOs with the opportunity to establish contact.

Dance Recording / Kaqavagir Club

The club members studied and learned how to make dance recordings. Each student worked on a couple of Armenian dances to record them. In the end, the club members published a lecture and a periodical. The main objective of the club was to boost knowledge about the Armenian dances and provide a possibility to hand over the dance culture to the next generations.

Media Experts Club

Media Literacy project

The purpose of the project is to raise the media literacy level both in Armenia and abroad, help users explore the peculiarities of the media field without taking special training, and make the social environment more secure by revealing the influence of media on people’s life and avoiding manipulations.

Shadow Theater Club

The club members staged three performances that were presented for the 6th-grade students in Choratan community school, Tavush province. Afterward, Ayb students helped the children stage their own performances. The children made the dolls and staged The Invincible Rooster and The Black Kiddy fairy tales. The main objective of the project was to educate children about the new art elements and present new knowledge in an interactive form, fully involving the kids in the creative process and helping them employ their imagination.

Documentary Theater Club

Deafening Silence project

To build a healthy society, mutual respect and tolerance are important. They are the driving force that makes the solution of any social problem possible and ensures progress. The goal of the project was to tell about it with the help of one performance. Thus, the Deafening Silence performance was staged, based on facts.

Podcasting Club

I am a Teenager project

A series of podcasts are designed to help teenagers meet challenges and solve problems peculiar to their age. On the way to self-knowledge, the danger of losing personal identity and getting into trouble is rather big. The project aims to help teenagers live in harmony with their inner world. In the podcasts, the students not only offer solutions to the problems but also talk to specialists and psychologists to get professional advice.

I Want to Become project

This series of podcasts was designed for all those who want to obtain key information on university admission processes and choosing a career, which is extremely important for the future life of every school graduate. The podcasts tell about the latest labor market trends (including guidelines about the traditional, outdated, and perspective occupations) and offer information about the best universities.

F8 Club

Selfie project

During the academic year, the club members attended the old people living in nursing homes and tried to understand their emotions and dreams. Using photography as a tool, the elderly people involved in the project participants learned to take selfies. As a result, the students created a collection of photographs that were displayed at a special exhibition along with their stories.



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