Podcasting club hosts author Hovik Afyan

It’s always helpful to hear the opinion of knowledgeable and successful people. Author and editor Hovik Afyan is one of these people. The Podcasting PBL Club members were honored to host Mr. Afyan at Ayb School and ask for scriptwriting and podcasting advice.

The author answered various questions about literature and talked about the small and significant barriers he had to overcome throughout his writing career. After failing at several literary competitions, Mr. Afyan won the Yerevan Book Fest with his book “Red” and gained public acknowledgment. Our guest also talked about the works of other contemporary Armenian authors and intellectuals, providing some insights.

Ayb students presented one of the club’s podcasting works to Mr. Afyan, who offered new script ideas for writing more flexible and attractive texts. Accepting all remarks as well-founded, the club members made the necessary changes.

Summarizing the outcome of the club’s activities, we can also recollect a visit to Armenia TV last term when we met with producer and scriptwriter Robert Martirosyan. The meeting aimed to master new scriptwriting techniques and podcasting production.

Haypod project’s main objective is to provide comprehensive information about the cities and provinces of Armenia in the form of audio stories.


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