Plastic waste will be separated in Ayb School

Dear students, as you have already noticed, there are separate recycling boxes for paper and plastic bottles at every corner of the school within the framework of a project to help save and protect the environment and the nature.

Ayb School starts the new academic year with an important initiative: from now on, the plastic waste will be separated in Ayb School. The project in implemented in cooperation with ISSD Armenia – Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Communities, which aims to spread the culture of recycling among students.

Students are excited with this idea and they are already using the boxes by collecting used papers and plastic bottles.

Recently we have hosted the representatives of ISSD Armenia to introduce the importance of the project and tell the students about the disastrous consequences of wasting the natural resources.


It is important to remember that disposable cups, plates, forks and knives are not allowed to be thrown in those boxes as they are not recyclable yet.


Sergey Badalyan

12th grade


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