Engineering Club presents Sartar device

Sartar device, which was created to ensure safety for hikers and mountaineers, is impatiently waiting for its first journey.

Ayb School’s Project-Based Learning Engineering Club members have finally presented the result of their academic year activity - a device called Sartar, which can connect to GPS satellites to determine the location of individuals or hiking groups, who got into trouble, and send the coordinates to the rescuers via radio waves.

When implementing the project, the club members obtained new skills in 3D modeling, programming, and electrical engineering. Diligent teamwork, patience, and devotion helped find solutions to numerous problems that emerged in the process.

Using Sartar is simple. The hikers or mountaineers, who got into trouble need to:

  • Find the highest point to send radiowaves
  • Fix the device and antennas

If the LED lights turn on, it means that the signal has been received and the rescue teams are ready to help. All that is left to do is to wait and not panic.

The Engineering Club members explained how the device works and emphasized its importance. The presentation got even more interesting when the students tested Sartar’s ability to send and accept radiowaves. To do that, they carried the device throughout the school building and sent signals to the delight of attendees.

Tatev Margaryan, 11th grade


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