Ayb School parent cleanup at school-adjacent territory

Ayb School parents Eduard Hayrumyan and Arman Harutyunyan initiated a cleanup of the territory laying from Tbilisi Highway to the school. With all the necessary tools, the work started at 7 am and lasted till midday.

The initiative was joined by about 50 people, including representatives of the parent community, school employees, and high school students, as well as gardening workers of Yerevan’s Arabkir administrative district. The two-way passage was cleaned of garbage; the appearance of trees, bushes, and the nearby wood was improved.

The close interrelation between the school and parents is inspiring and exemplary. Our parents are actively involved in school life and school-related projects like this one. Parents numerously spearheaded and implemented various social initiatives.

October is announced as the month of care, one of the Ayb principles, and the parents’ initiative serves as a vivid example.


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