Aris Berberyan: we pass the torch of education to next generations

Aris Berberyan is the 2014 Ayb School graduate. Since 2019, he has served as the school’s Board of Trustees member and, with his active involvement, the process of the Alumni Club formation has kicked off. Aris is also the head of strategic development at Dargett craft brewery. He studied business administration at the American University of Armenia and is currently continues education in the United States to get a degree in brewing.

Choosing Ayb

I was admitted to Ayb School in 2011 to become a representative of the so-called first Ayb generation. Of course, the school already had a two-year history of experimental activity but we were the first students of High School, who studied for three straight years.

The main reason for choosing Ayb was David Sahakyan’s encouraging speech during the Doors Open event, when the future programs were announced. He also spoke about the challenges the school faces and presented possible solutions. That speech was powerful and at the same time realistic, so we did not have an impressive that the beautiful agenda will remain ink on paper. We had no doubt that these people will bring all projects to life.

Becoming Ayb student

High School is critically important for personal becoming, when the gates to the adulthood open. For some people, this period starts at the university, or even later. For me and my classmates, it started during the years spent at Ayb School, where we realized that we will move forward and reach our goals. The experience we gained at Ayb School made our university years smooth and productive, and the tutors had no difficulty working with us.

Work and study

I am currently studying business administration and marketing, as well as working in these fields. After graduating from the university, I got a managing job at a brewery and came to completely understand the business model six months later. However, I lacked thorough knowledge of the brewing industry and applied to Chicago-based Siebel Institute of Technology to get a degree in brewing.

Dargett is among the pioneer craft breweries in Armenia. The main trouble here is that Armenia is not associated with beer, like it’s in case with brandy or wine. A few know that we have centuries-old brewing traditions. We export our production to Europe and hope to enter the American market in the near future.

The foundation of my management knowledge and skills was laid at Ayb School, where we studied entrepreneurship. We probably did not realize the importance of the subject at that time but now I understand how useful it really was. The knowledge we gained at Ayb proved applicable for both the university life and the future professional career.

Board of Trustees member and Alumni Club

In 2019, it was decided to embrace an alumni community representative in the Ayb School Board of Trustees. Being elected a member, I pushed the idea of the Alumni Club formation with the purpose to strengthen ties between the students and graduates. The charter has already been developed and the club will soon acquire a legal status. We are planning to hold numerous events and gatherings that will help unite the alumni community and make the bond even stronger.

Being an Ayb student

When I say ‘an Ayb student’, I first of all imagine the young people, who believe that education is the key to success, and who follow the 8 principles of Ayb. It often appears that I meet someone and after a short talk understand that we studied in the same school, as we have a similar mindset and system of values.

Invetsment in education

There are short-term, mid-term and long-term investments. Education is the field that produces a long-term result in the form of human resources and huge potential. Donating to Ayb and granting numerous talented children an opportunity to receive a high quality education, a person invests in the future and contributes to the creation and preservation of national values. I am extremely proud, that education at Ayb is multifaceted and comprehensive, but at the same time is based on national morals.

Community and people

It often happens that our graduates or students visit a country where they may need help. This is the time, when you feel the power of the Ayb community and your schoolmates stand ready to reach out to you. In 2016, I did an internship in Hong Kong and China, where some of our graduates studied. In the span of several hours, they organized a warm welcome, showed me around and stayed in touch till my last day there. I was extremely proud to be part of the big family.

Or, for example, if there is a need for a specialist, you first of all seek this person within Ayb, because the Ayb folks are distinguished by humanist values, high sense of responsibility and diligence. All these qualities are obtained at Ayb School and consequently projected to the workplace. Thanks to that the Ayb system of values and discipline, I have definitely become a better business partner and teammate.

Future with Ayb

For the next five years I see myself in entrepreneurship along with continuing my education. My attitude towards Ayb will never change. It’s the school that made us who we are, with bright ideas and enthusiasm. I would be happy to see Ayb graduates develop a culture of giving back, and help the school bring up new generations. This should not be necessarily financial assistance, although it’s important as well. They can invest their knowledge and experience in the school development and contribute to the consolidation of the Ayb community. It’s like a torch that we pass over to the next generations.


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