Eduard Topchyan. Classical music is the music of Armenia

During the Hour of Community, Ayb students hosted Eduard Topchyan, who is a world-renowned conductor, Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia, and the artistic director of the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Eduard Topchyan started his speech with mentioning the importance of culture and music in our country. He said: “The main weapon of Armenia is culture, and classical music is the music of Armenia.”

The conductor has been engaged in music since his early years and he is trying to infect people with music; he said that he came to Ayb to also infect students with music. In Mr. Topchyan’s opinion if you once communicate with music, you will not want to be separated from it anymore. Eduard Topchyan thinks that listeners enjoy music much more than musicians, because music is not for musicians.

At the end of the meeting, Eduard Topchyan advised students to be close to art, because people that are close to art are kind and willing. The artistic director of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra invited Ayb community to the orchestra’s next concert.

Vahe Dabaghyan

(11th grade)

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