Discover the undiscovered and solve the unsolvable: talk with Father Mesrop Aramyan

On occasion of the Teacher’s Day, Ayb School hosted Father Mesrop Aramyan, who spoke about the teacher’s role in particular and the future of education in general. Why we learn and what we learn: read Father Mesrop’s ideas below.


The mission of a teacher is one of the vital activities for the entire humanity, since Jesus, the son of God, was called a teacher. This means that a teacher undertakes the mission of God on earth. Every teacher needs to know how he or she is linked to God, otherwise the mission will become impossible to perform.

The future of education

Education is among the most rapidly developing fields. That’s why it’s important for us to keep revising approaches and ask questions. If we merely perform an automatic work, the time will come when machines will do it better than we do. To avoid it, we should understand the core meaning of education. Today’s most progressive corporations set creativity among the most important qualification to hire employees. However, our schools or universities don’t teach creativity as a subject. There aren’t even tools to evaluate the level of creativity. This is the reason why education doesn’t meet requirements of today’s real life and, as a result, a big gap appears between the education and reality.

To fill this gap, we are creating a new educational platform that will allow to work and learn at the same time. This process will involve the artificial intellect technologies and make the skills but not school marks essential for being employed.

For example, neither mathematics nor physics were created by schools. These sciences were invented by genius people and then became the subjects studied at schools. Project-based learning is not a science but it allows the schools to teach students to find solutions and acquire new skills. However, this is not enough. Innovations are born when we try to solve the problems that have not been solved before and discover something that remained undiscovered so far. In other words, the drawback of the present-day institutions is that they still teach students to solve the tasks that were solved a long time ago.

Why we learn

It’s extremely hard to explain a small child why it’s so important to go to school. Children go there just because they know they must do so. Parents want their kids to become skilled specialists but nowadays we don’t know which specializations will be in demand in the future. How can we move forward without this knowledge? Our main mission is to be able to explain the students why they need education. Once we succeed, the learning process will become useful and interesting.

The process of elimination

To say that the problem has no solution at the moment is already an achievement. The process of elimination in the spiritual world is more fundamental than the process of assertion. Just imagine something quite unknown for you. It means you can’t make any assertion about it, however you can guess what it is by process of elimination. Applying this method, you will reach a higher level where you can neither reject nor assert anything but have a mystic union with God. Of course, it would be a big success to solve a problem by process of elimination. Besides, your tasks will not be just an empty set but something that will have a solution one day.

Goharik Adamyan (12th grade)

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