In the Army 2019: 4 days like in Armenian army

This year the students of Ayb high school studied preliminary military training during “In the Army” educational camp, just like the previous years. Pitched in “Camping Budo-Shin” tent camp, it lasted 4 days. During these days, the students had to found wood and make a bonfire for evening talks and night sentry. They also acquired theoretical and practical knowledge about first aid, shooting, jogging and creeping motion, as well as the operation of a grenade launcher. After heavy and adventurous day, the students talked with Lieutenant Colonel Hrachya Petrosyants about discipline, Armenian Army and interpersonal relationships

As Mr. Petrosyants said, the camp’s goal is to make the students more disciplined, friendly and capable to adapt to changes and act in extremal situations.

The founder of “Camping Budo-Shin”, Suren Ochinyan, said that he is admired by Ayb students’ harmony with nature and the level of their discipline. He mentioned that his camp never has been filled with that amount of positive and warm energy.

During the 4 days, students were accompanied by dog Bean, the permanent habitant of “Camping Budo-Shin”, who once protected them from wandering dogs’ attack.

The students left camp with new skills, though very tired. They are looking forward to the next “In the Army” and meeting with Bean.

Vahe Dabaghyan, 12th-grade Ayb Student

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