Davit Yang, Ryan N. Coffee meet with Ayb students

Ayb school has hosted its founder Davit Yang and University of Connecticut professor, physicist Ryan N. Coffee, who visited the school at the invitation of Mr. Yang.

Professor Coffee talked with Ayb students on various topics including physics, philosophy, Silicon Valley, goals of learning and working, longing to see the world bigger.

"Learning about the philosophy of human consciousness, I understood that I want to study physics. It gave me opportunity to realize the biggest dream of my life - to discover what reality is, what my mind is and who I am," he said. These questions and the desire to explore the new world foreordained his fate and awakened his interest in physics, which proved to be much more than just science. Now the professor is working on the Artificial Intelligence and nuclear accelerator.

Why do you work or learn, what is the purpose of it? Professor Coffee says: "Scientists from different countries are working not for being famous, they work because they are convinced that they are doing something very important, they create a value. They believe in their ideas and aims, they are just passionate about it."

But the meeting was not restricted to philosophical and scientific themes. It was also the great energy of professor Coffee, his readiness to answer questions and sincere desire to share his own experience with the others.

To top it all, he reminded Ayb students about an invisible and important fact. "Now, I realize, how small my world was, when I was in your age, now it's much bigger. I don't know, how it happened, but I'm the author of these changes. The idea that I can expand my world makes me to continue working with enthusiasm,” he said.

This meeting was really exciting and interesting.

Lana Melikyan

10th grade

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